Reliving History Magazine

Fall 2021

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Alchemy, brooms, extinction, and true crime. The Fall 2021 issue pairs perfectly with a crisp Autumn morning and a cup of coffee.

The ill-fated love triangle of Benedict Arnold, Peggy Shippen, and John Andre weaves a tale of intrigue and treachery that shows reality really is better than fiction.

From the average everyday fork to the woman who birthed rabbits, and everything in between, this issue has something for everyone!


In This Issue:

  • Shipwrecks & Sirens

  • Alchemy

  • William Beedle Case

  • Mary Toft

  • Brooms

  • Trumbull

  • Treacherous Triangle

  • Porringers

  • Broadside Ballads

  • Block Printing 

  • Forks

  • Baptist Excommunication

  • Roaring Girl